Guest Post! What can a newly minted NVWP Teacher Consultant do? – A Bevy of Resources and Information!

Here is a comprehensive list of important dates, links, and activities for the freshly minted Teacher Consultant. Ill post the link to an attractive PDF; a more functional (albeit way less aesthetically pleasing) version below.

Here’s the link.

I completed the NVWP ISI 2015-so, now what?

Getting involved with the NVWP Explanation/Resources
·         Write a letter to an administrator about your ISI experience ·         Opens the door for funding and the recruiting of other members   of your faculty and staff

·         Would be best to have a face-to-face meeting-> supplement meeting with letter/ factsheet about NVWP ISI


·         Recruit/nominate future ISI TCs ·         Nominations occur in the spring

·         Nominate outside of English too (any discipline)

·         Inform those you nominate because they need to be willing to

share a demo lesson (full disclosure)




·         Become a first year Program Leader ·         Plan 2 or more events for your year’s cohort

·         Possible vents: Email group, Writing group, Twitter chats, Happy

Hour J, Workshops-bring a guest, Facebook group

·         Become an ISI Assistant Director ·         Within 2 years of attending


·         Become an ISI Co-Director ·         Within 3 years of being an Assistant Director


·         Become a Demo Lesson Coach ·         After being an Assistant Director

·         Support teachers in perfecting the art of presenting

·         Join a Teacher Interest Group: ELL, Technology, Advocacy, & WAC ·         Groups consist of a leader and 4-5 group members

·         $$ through grants/SEED programs

·         Group explores topic of their choice

·         Tons of autonomy and independence!

·         Organize/volunteer/attend NVWP and/or Continuity Events ·         Writing events->guest authors/speakers; writing marathons->1/2

day or full day events to write or share writing; happy hour J/social get-togethers; pedagogical events

·         Attend one or more NVWP Board Meetings ·         Monthly->Fridays

·         Open to everyone

·         Can bring ideas (to share) to the meeting

·         Become a Designated Social Media(tor) ·         Facebook

·         Twitter (use to connect with TCs, authors, educators, etc)

·         Share/develop Research Briefs ·

·         Mentor texts:


·         Work on Development/Fundraising for Teacher ISI and Student Scholarships ·         Development office at GMU

·         Formal or informal fundraising

Getting involved with the NWP Explanation/Resources
·         Attend the NWP Fall Meeting ·         Wed/Thurs before NCTE (


·         Attend the NWP Spring Meeting ·         Washington, D.C.


·         Includes congressional visits

·         Become a Local, Regional, and/or National Advocate ·         NWP

·         VATE

·         NCTE

·         IRA

·         VRA

·         TESOL

·         VATESOL

·         CAPTA

·         IWCA

·         Serve as an NWP Site Report Reviewer ·
In-service / Presentation Opportunities           Explanation/Resources
·         Develop additional Demo Lesson ·         Supported by Demo Lesson Coach
·         Present Demo Lesson at 695 Course ·         Say “Yes!” when you are called to present

·         $$$$$


·         Recruit teachers to participate in 695 course (15 weeks, 3 hours per week)

·         Present/Develop In-service Workshop ·         Can be based off demo lesson or something more specific

·         Sometimes $$ by NVWP

·         Present/volunteer at Language and Learning Conference ·

·         March 12, 2016

·         8:30 am- 3:00pm

·         $50 or $60

·         3 sessions

·         YA Authors: Ellen Oh, Steve Watkins

·         Develop Conference Presentation for a local, regional, or national conference ·         Always remember: YOU own your presentation

·         Check organizations in the NVWP section for conferences

·         NVWP (Amber Jensen) to develop a workshop/how-to regarding workshop proposals

Getting Involved with Young Writers Explanation/Resources
·         Submit student work/be a Reader for Falling for the Story ·         Only students of TCs can submit (submissions through TCs)

·         Readers-each piece is read 3 times


·         Contact: Cathy Hailey and/or Karen Hickman

·         Lead/Volunteer at Young Writers Saturdays and/or Student Summer Institute (SSI) and/or Summer Family Writers Workshop and/or school-based Write Night ·         Encourage student involvement

·         $$ if leader/coordinator



·         Contact: Cathy Hailey and/or Karen Hickman

·         Start a Writing Center ·


Getting Involved with Writing Explanation/Resources
·         Attend a full Progoff workshop ·         Discounted rate for TCs

·         Bring tissues


·         Submit blog posts/articles to NVWP website/blog/journal ·



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