“This is a life event. This is a gift” : Last Day – NVWP Summer Institute – Day 16

Our time together has come to an end. Four weeks of transformative lessons, discussions, partnerships, conflicts, and writing. I can’t say enough about the Writing Project. It is the greatest professional development I have ever attended. Teachers teaching teachers. Becoming true scholars of the content we teach. Creating lesson plans and assignments that align with our hearts minds, not a scope-and-sequence template.

Summer institute reminded me that teaching is a glorious burden. A commitment to understanding children, adults, and everyone in between. That it is a path best walked with each other. We are the guardians of our profession. We are the final arbiters of what happens in education. Meaningful unity begins now.


We begin our final day by walking a mindfulness labyrinth made of stones and sticks. Everyone writes a message of strength and clarity on a rock and adds it to the pile.

labyr sign

Afterwards, we write. Whatever we want to write.

We share out about what we wrote and thought. Here is a collection:
-“This has given me a time to listen to myself, to other teachers, to remember what it is that matters.” 
-“We’re looking at how things work in the classroom with people who are in the classroom.”
-“So much positive energy and kindness and humor and compassion in this room.”
-“Finding solidarity in other professionals”
-“Creating bonds with other teachers is one of the most meaningful experiences of this institute.”
-“This is a life event. This is a gift.”

“I don’t want this to end here.”


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