Writing Resources from the Northern Virginia Writing Project


The Writing Project rules. It has influenced every aspect of my pedagogy.  Every summer for the last four years I’ve been fortunate, lucky, and privileged to be able to spend time with my local affiliate’s Invitational Summer Institute. The ISI is a four week celebration of writing. Teachers spend time giving demonstration lessons, participating in writing groups, and learning the ins and outs of composition.

A colleague of mine recently asked about using This I Believe podcasts in class. Remembering that a teacher gave a demo lesson this last year, I shot him the link. I decided to collect some of the demo lesson write-ups on one page. Hopefully these resources might be of value to teachers!

How Do I Write? Examining Our Writing Process Pt. 1

Cheese and Chocolate – Descriptive Writing

ESOL Bootcamp – Writing with Language Learners

Encouraging and Supporting Writers through Technology

Line and Stanza Breaks in Free Verse Poetry

Progoff Journaling – Personal and Expressive Writing pt. 1

Progoff Journaling – Personal and Expressive Writing pt. 2

Teacher Writing and Publishing

Physicalizing and Brainstorming Strong Verbs

Teaching Persuasive Writing through Op-Ed Genre Study

Writing Extraordinary Profiles of Ordinary People through Profile Genre Study

Working Titles to a T

“If You Really Want to Hear About It: Holden Caulfield and Voice

Student Made Standards Based Rubrics

Integrating Multi-Genre Research Projects with Technology

Thinking Places: A Playful Activity for Personal Narratives

Multimodal Literacy and Poetry with English Language Learners

Writing Notebooks: Playgrounds for Writers

Multigenre Projects and Metacognitive Thinking

Using Primary Resources for Writing Instruction

Found Poems: A Generative Pathway to Meaningful Textual Interactions

Using Improv in the Class to Enhance Openness and Creativity

Using Maps to Tell A Story: Cartography, Visualization, and Research

Visual Literacy: Exploring Stories Within and Beyond the Frame

Writing in ESOL: A Journey

Stretch A Lot – Stretch A Little: Using Hyperbole to Enhance Memoir Writing

Using Writing Conferences to Implement the Writing Process

A Masterclass in Writing Fiction – Pt 1

A Masterclass in Writing Fiction – Pt 2

Beyond Socratic Seminars and Essential Questions: The Importance of Student Generated Questions

Using This I Believe Podcasts to Elevate Student Voice

Bonus! Want to Upgrade Your Theory Game? Check Out These Posts on Composition Pedagogy Theory

Expressivist Composition Pedagogy

Collaborative Writing Pedagogy

Critical Composition Pedagogy

Process Composition Pedagogy

Feminist Composition Pedagogy

Genre Composition Pedagogy

Literature and Composition Pedagogy 






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